A different weight loss tip Protein Diet Food Weight Loss

A different weight loss tip  Protein Diet Food Weight Loss

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This is not a diet but a bit of weight loss, tips, a little ''different for the majority of weight loss. And'' eat, to target people with food addiction, overweight people to love above all that healthy, fatty foods in large portions. It is a psychological approach to weight loss or a change in eating habits, life of the mind, canceling model that keeps the old habits and replacewith a new model and healthy. Your work is always an exercise where you associate a strong positive feelings in order to lose weight and eat negative feelings to your favorites. Here''s what you can do:

Imagine being overweight and heavy, eat your favorite food, hamburgers, french fries, potato chips, bacon or what ever. Think of this food as garbage, garbage collected, you have a can that someone else has failed toand eventually discarded. With dogs and cats eat side by side with you to get in the hope that what you do not quit. Imagine that may have hamburger meat is cooked to your satisfaction, possibly under-cooked and cold also added a less inviting scent of all ingredients from the sides of Burger partly cooked, partly eaten running, your stomach flips. Think about all the nasty, unhealthy things that has happened, you can "lessas good for you food "before you got used to it. Perhaps horse meat, dog or say flavoring was mixed with toxic fillers and only has the stomach to mislead to think, eat your food fresh and tasty .. .. is more difficult larger, and it shot up, the heartbeat accelerates, you have breathing problems, stomach begins to hurt terribly … you feel your stomach as the pressure of the rotten food wants to cometo … Are you still hungry? " Are you sick? You want to vomit? Go to vomit! Hold on to process the image, until you can – only your imagination sets limits.

Now make a list of all types of fresh, healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, different varieties of grains, nuts and seeds. Think about these foods attractive arranged on the plate. Consider eating these foods as healthy, strong, lean and strong personYour radiant strength, pleasure and self-image. Feeling better than ever. You are a successful person who succeeds in everything he does. Live food, fresh food from nature without added flavorings, no chemicals, only food fresh and healthy for you courtesy of God. He looks to walk or jog along the beach, people will smile and you smile back, as there is a sense of energy and joie de vivre. You see yourselfhave conversations with people you meet in a friendly and trusting. You know you have excellent, strong and healthy body, and you only eat one, you are strong and healthy, tasty and fresh food directly from nature. You feel great, you feel confident with yourself and you''re the love of their lives. Keep well to the elaboration of this framework.

Continue to eat as before, but these exercises every day if youAbout eat what you know is not to gain an advantage and maintain a healthy body present, before the first practice session, before eating and after the effect is mentioned, take your imagination for the second session. Once you start a routine of good food to eat, healthy, when the practice does not become in your imagination, but reality. It ''important that you repeat this exercise as often as necessary. If done in a consistent and focused, you are certain to change your foodHabits for the better. While the first session imagination may have been a bit ''rough, it is up to you and your imagination to create what the trick for you.

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