Lifeforce Herbal Body Wrap Reviews

Lifeforce Herbal Body Wrap Reviews

“Body Wraps? Lose INCHES of fat in one hour?”

"Body Wraps? I was skeptical -- lose INCHES of fat in one hour? My first body wrap, I lost 5 inches, and my second wrap I lost 5-3/4 inches. But most exciting was my 3rd body wrap when I lost 12-3/4 inches in just ONE hour! Forget skepticism ... this is the EASIEST time I''ve EVER had losing weight!"
– Holly Cotter, MD

What others say about Herbal Body Wrap

"I lost 16 3/4 inches with my first body wrap! My skin felt soft and my pores felt cleaner after my wrap."
- Cathy Fulmer

"Life Force''s Herbal Body Wrap is Amazing"

"An hour before my scheduled Herbal Body Wrap, I was weighed and put on a body composition machine, which tells you how much fat, lean muscle, and water your body has. After being unwrapped, I was measured again. I lost a total of 9 1/2 inches overall. I felt great--relaxed, calm, pure, and cleansed. The following morning I repeated the body composition test. I had lost three pounds on the scale, but the amazing part was that 4 1/2 pounds of fat was lost, my lean muscle was up by 1 1/2 pounds (without exercising!) and my water was up by 1 1/2 liters! This showed that the inches lost during the wrap wasn''t from water, it was fat! Life Force''s Herbal Body Wrap is an amazing product!"
- Joyce Leather, Washington, NJ

"Because of the body wrap, I now have a waist! It was definitely a positive experience."
- Michele Pettigrew

"The Life Force products are awesome"

"The Life Force products are awesome and truly work! I lost 7-1/2 inches total on my first Herbal Body Wrap, and could really tell the difference in my clothes after the third wrap. The fourth time using the herbal solution, I took a bath and relaxed for an hour. I lost 11-1/4 inches total from the bath! I feel great! Not only did I lose inches from the wraps and bath, but 5-1/2 lbs. in six days using Dream Away! My husband is impressed with the products and that means a lot!"
- Lisa Filisky, Louisiana

I am 75 years old and have suffered with arthritis in my hands and feet for ten years. I have tried everything on the market and nothing has given me the results that I have experienced with the Herbal Body Wrap. I soak my hands and feet for thirty-five minutes in the solution while I watch TV. The stiffness and ache in my hands has gone away and the burning sensation in my feet has cleared up. The Body Wrap has been a wonderful product for me. I highly recommend it for detoxification and the therapeutic benefits it gives"
- Sally Klein

"I Lost 6 Inches with my first body wrap"

"I lost 6 inches my first wrap! The process was easy and comfortable and the results were much more than I expected. It gave me clarity of mind and body. Every day I wake up I feel great".
- Jason T. Mueller

"I Lost ten inches Overall"

After my first Herbal Body Wrap, I had noticeable results. My blemished skin cleared up, I lost 10 inches overall, and about 4-6 hours afterward, I didn''t have as much pain in the joints. Some of the inflammation in my joints was so bad that I was in terrible pain when I would get up or sit down. Six hours after the Wrap, I was able to climb into the back of our pickup, something I would not have even attempted before. This is an incredible product and I recommend it to everyone!"
- Betty Watts, KS

"It was the most relaxing and enjoyable experience. Plus it took off inches!"
- Sheela Heil

"My favorite Life Force product is the Herbal Body Wrap. I''ve used it three times now with amazing results. I''ve lost inches on my waist, thighs, and arms each time. All my friends want to know what new diet I''m on, and I tell them it''s not a diet; it''s the best-kept secret on the planet! Now they use the Body Wrap, too!"
- Susie Hammond, Virginia

"The Body Wrap resulted in a 6 1/2 inch loss on my very first wrap. In addition, I enjoyed the most peaceful, long sustained energy that was just delightful".
- Leilani Goldy

"Using the Body Wrap, I lost 11 1/2 inches my very first wrap... I have more energy than ever and I feel so much healthier. My friends saw the results and are now using it too!"
- Sherrie Lopez

"I am using the Body Wraps every week along with a weight loss program. The results have been great! My body feels firmer as I lose inches. The wraps have definitely enhanced my weight loss program."
- Cecelia Forrest

"After my wrap, I felt smaller and it felt GREAT! I''ve recommended the wrap to several of my friends, and they''ve had good results, too, and found that not only did they lose inches, but it gave them a new confidence in their bodies."
- Janet Warren

"With the Body Wrap, I went from a size 14 to a size 9/10 in 5 weeks. I''m ready for another bottle of this liquid gold."
- Jackie Osborne - Orlando, Florida