Best Tools for Weight Loss

Best Tools for Weight Loss

About 40% of people world wide suffer from obesity. Those who actually suffer from acidity realize how depressing obesity can be! It makes one prone to many other disease and also makes physical activities difficult. The appearance is changed and the person starts looking ugly. This all leads to depression. People try almost everything they know to reduce obesity. They stop eating and start dieting etc. Most of the weight loss ideas among people are myths.

People always look for the best supplements for weight loss but they need to be extremely careful about it since the market is flooded by many products for weight loss. Every year billions are being spent on weight loss supplements so many people try to make some good money by introducing some low quality medicines in market with sole purpose of making money. Since people are very frustrated and desperate to loose weight they end up trying lot of products but with no proper results as needed. One should be alert and must do research for choosing the weight loss product. It must be approved by FDA which is a symbol of genuine drug. Drug with minimal side effects must be chosen. The drug should not alter other body functions.

Phentermine is one of the most popular drugs for the weight loss used currently. It was first introduced into the market by Glaxo Smith Kline. It is no.1 drug which is used for weight loss in the US. It has been approved by the FDA. It has chemical similarities with amphetamines. It is available as Phentermine hydrochloride pills.

It is a very popular drug used all over the world. It has been found in 50% of weight loss drugs. However the combination of Phentermine with any other drug is not approved by the FDA. It is not suitable for children and also for pregnant and lactating women.It is best for short term treatment of obesity. It is basically an appetite suppressant which mainly acts by reducing the appetite. This has to be taken before meals, there should be some gap after drug intake and meal. Late evening drug intake should be avoided.

This drug acts on hypothalamus region of the bran and thus it reduces the urge for food. It also controls the body temperature. It releases the Adrenaline from the Adrenal receptors and thus it causes decrease in hunger. It is well absorbed orally.

Many drugs contain Phentermine as combination but all of them may not be safe. Since Phentermine alone is approved by the FDA. Along with Phentermine low calorie and fat diet is good for weight loss. It should not be used for prolonged time since it is for short term treatment. Doctor should be consulted before starting the drug therapy. Many pharmaceuticals are involved in the research for inventing better products for weight loss treatment by trying different combination to form a potent and more effective medication for weight loss.

People with diabetes and hypertension should consult doctors before using it. Some of the side effects during prolonged use of this drug are hyper tension, blurred vision, dry mouth, nausea,fatigue and dilated pupil.