Integrated Healthware Declares Support for AAFP’s EMR Program

Integrated Healthware Declares Support for AAFP’s EMR Program

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“At the AAFP, we’re very serious about helping to make EMRs and other health information technology more affordable and standardized for our members and other physicians’ practices,” said David C. Kibbe, M.D., Director of the AAFP Center for Health Information Technology. “We greatly appreciate the support from Integrated Healthware for a principle-based, industry-wide approach to these goals.”

Members of the AAFP’s Partners for Patients program agree to support the AAFP’s four principal standards for affordability, compatibility with existing systems, interoperability, and data sharing. The goal of the program is to make technology more affordable and accessible to the AAFP’s 93,700 physician members. The AAFP hopes the program will encourage its members to embrace and implement information technology such as electronic medical records systems.

Integrated Healthware jumped at the chance to declare its support for the program according to Jack Bradbury, CEO of Integrated Healthware. “We are pleased that the AAFP has taken a leadership role in promoting the benefits of electronic medical records and in reducing some of the major hurdles to implementation,” states Bradbury. “This program should go a long way towards enticing physicians to improve the care they deliver with the information technology that is available today.”

The AAFP program seeks to break down the barriers that until now have meant that many healthcare technology vendors have been difficult to deal with when it comes to interfacing. This has led to frustration, and a low EMR-adoption rate, on the part of small medical groups that wish to retain their existing practice management systems. “We are committed to helping practices protect their investment in information technology with our open-systems approach. We spend the necessary time to manage the completion of a connection between the Integrated Healthware EMR and legacy systems, if that is what the practice desires,” says Bradbury.

About Integrated Healthware, LLC

Integrated Healthware, LLC (formerly Wang Healthcare, created as a division of Wang Laboratories in 1992) is a private, physician-owned medical software and service organization with corporate headquarters located near Boston , in North Billerica , Massachusetts . With a physician-centric, ambulatory focus, Integrated Healthware’s products and services are designed by physicians for physicians.

Integrated Healthware is dedicated to developing systems that conform to each physician’s practice and that are compatible with existing systems. The EMR system has been engineered to improve the delivery of care by transforming the way patient information is gathered and shared. And for complete office automation, Integrated Healthware is the exclusive provider of the ENTITY Enterprise Practice Management System from Health Care Data Systems (

In addition to supplying a full suite of software solutions, Integrated Healthware also provides full service billing, employee management, financial management, compliance, credentialing, group purchasing, IS infrastructure development, application hosting, and network management consulting and services through its sister company Physician Strategies, LLC, which is based in Pembroke , Massachusetts .

Integrated Healthware ( products employ leading edge technology including Microsoft Windows, wireless devices such as pen-computers, and Web-enabled options. The secure data center gives medical practices the choice of system deployment methods; they can choose to run in house software at their site, or Integrated Healthware will host the software in its data center.

About Health Care Data Systems

Health Care Data Systems has been a leading provider of medical office automation for over 20 years. HCDS has proven experience in developing and supporting innovative solutions that improve the administrative, financial, and clinical functions at physician practices. With a long history of improving medical office receivables, HCDS has a sound understanding of the business of medicine.

HCDS develops, markets, implements, and maintains a new-generation, Microsoft Windows-based Enterprise Practice Management System that is in daily use by hundreds of physicians around the country. HCDS, which is based in East Syracuse , NY , has established itself as a strong provider of practice management systems and services for physicians and medical group practices in 16 states.

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